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Brief introduction to education achievements of Huangpu district / Guangzhou Development District in 2018

Updated : 2018-11-23

Breakthroughs were achieved in education in Huangpu district / Guangzhou Development District (GDD) in 2018. A group of quality education resources, such as the Guangzhou Experimental Middle School, ISA International School of Guangzhou (British), and Granada Hills Charter High School (American), settled down one after another in the district. Three primary schools and 10 kindergartens were newly established, renovation and upgrading of 27 schools was completed, and 10,000 schoolroom seats were added. The percentage of senior high school graduates of Guangzhou No 2 Middle School entering national key universities through the Gaokao examination ranked first among the school’s counterparts in the whole city. Construction of Guangzhou Experimental Middle School has started. Construction of five schools, including Jiulong No 3 Primary School, Zhenlong No 2 Middle School, and Yonghe No 1 Kindergarten, and the second-phase transformation of the art building of Guangzhou Science City Middle School, and Yushu Primary School, were completed. Seven thousand seats were newly added in government-funded schools in the district.

Huangpu district / Guangzhou Development District will continue to push forward the modernization of education, and strength its efforts for internationalization, grouping, diversity, adoption of information technology. It will implement the project of "establishing famous schools and attracting renowned teachers", speed up the development of quality education resources including Guangzhou Experimental Middle School and the Kaiyuan School branch of Guangzhou No 2 Middle School, and forge characteristic brand schools from kindergarten to high school level.

Active efforts will also be made to introduce renowned domestic and international universities, explore the establishment of a career education system integrating industry and classroom instruction, and forge a national "Education Town" innovation and development demonstration area. We will vigorously introduce high-quality teachers and management resources from home and abroad, further promote the reform of the non-staff employment system for teachers and the ranking system for principals, explore ways to promote the "district management of school employment" for principals and teachers, and employ more than 500 new teachers. We will plan allocation of educational resources, push forward reconstruction and expansion of 22 primary and secondary schools such as Huangpu Military Academy Memorial Middle School, and build a number of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens such as Huangbei Middle School, and Yangchenggang Primary School. 

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