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Guangzhou Development District: a gathering place for high-quality talents

Updated : 2018-11-14

Pioneering all-round talent service in the country

The Huangpu district/Guangzhou Development District has set up the “Huangpu Talent Fund” of RMB 5 billion. The maximum funding for special talent can be as high as RMB 1 billion yuan, the highest level in the country.

The district has put in place eight guaranteed services for living and housing, parental care, children's learning, health, convenient entry and exit, special window integrated facilitation, personal care, and special cards.

The district has also built at least 5,000 talent apartments equipped with a coffee shop, book bar, and fitness center to facilitate exchanges between the talents. The talents will be granted the opportunity to live in the apartments, with subsidized rental or purchase rights. If the talents meet the requirements, they can also use the apartments for free. A number of international and domestic first-class medical institutions will be introduced providing talents with international medical insurance, green channel medical services, and “family doctor” service. In addition to the talents themselves, their parents can live in the elderly apartment and enjoy the service of professional “elderly care consultants”; their children are also given easy access to schools. Those who meet the requirements can study in the district’s public schools, and well-known international schools and talents’ children schools are under construction. The talents will be accompanied by a 24-hour all-weather butler who provides government services such as special window reception, special line contact, personal service, and special coordination to assist the talents in purchasing cars and houses and applying for credit cards.

Gathering innovative talent

By the end of August 2018, there were one Nobel Prize winner, 38 academicians of the two academies, and 92 national experts under the Thousand Talents Program and the Ten Thousand Talents Program. The number of high-level talents was 366, and research and development institutions totaled more than 900.

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