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Opportunities in Huangpu Port Economic Zone

Updated : 2018-11-14

Poly Yuzhu Port:located on Huangpu East Avenue, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, to the east of Zhujiang Yong (Zhujiang stream), west of Yuzhu East Road, south of Huangpu Avenue and north of Pearl River (Zhujiang), it consists of Yuzhu International Timber Market and Yuzhu Logistics Base and their surrounding areas, with a total area of about 630,000 sq m and a total construction area of about 1.8 million sq m. The total investment of the project is about 25 billion yuan. 

Contact: Wen Jia, Director of Marketing Management, Tel: 13682228250.  

South China International Port & Shipping Center is located in the initial and core area of Huangpu Port Economic Zone, the hub of the financial city extension area and Guangzhou eastward extension area, with a total covered area of 7.9 hectares (79,000 sq m). The first phase of the project (Guangzhou Port Group Warehouse and surroundings) includes a 249.5 m-high office building, with a total pre-sale area of 97,000 sq m, including a pre-sale area of 72,000 sq m below 182 m and 43,000 sq m for four underground floors. The second and third phases (the machine repair plant and surroundings) is dominated by office buildings and complemented by waterfront recreational businesses. The total construction area of the project is 430,000 sq m and the total investment is about 6 billion RMB. 

Contact: Sales Manager Xie Yuyuan, Tel: 13113300318.

Huangpu Park West Commercial Center: is situated at the south of the Huangpu Power Supply Bureau on Huangpu East Road and at the west of Huangpu Park, covering an area of 35,700 sq m, with a total construction area of 82,600 sq m, including a capacity building area (planned land use area * plot ratio) of 65,400 sq m for phased construction of Building A to E with an investment of 250 million yuan. 

Contact: Mai Yinghong, Tel: 13660457917. 

Zhuangyuan Valley E-Business Industrial Park: covers an area of 522 mu (1 mu≈666.7 sq m), with a planned construction area of over 700,000 sq m and a total investment of more than 2 billion yuan, aiming to create an operation base and incubation base for modern logistics and the e-commerce industry in South China. At present, the office space available for rent is about 30,000 sq m, and the warehouse area is about 20,000 sq m. 

Contact: Merchants Manager Wang Yifang, Tel: 18520153340. 

Vanke Tengchuang Huangpu Warehouse: covers an area of 26,700 sq m, with a capacity building area of 128,400 sq m. It is listed as in the first batch of Internet towns in Guangdong, the national e-commerce demonstration park in Guangzhou, and a pilot of national e-commerce standardization parks. The project is positioned as an excellent cross-border e-commerce headquarters base that applies the blended concept of “Internet + Industry”. 

Contact: Marketing Director Su Zhi, Tel: 13503006110.

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