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Recordation of establishment of foreign-capital enterprises that do not require special management for foreign capital access

Updated : 2018-11-14

Since June 30, 2018, the business recordation and industrial and commercial registration for foreign-capital enterprises have been combined. The specific process is as follows:

1. Window application: Applicants choosing off-line combined processing, after submitting the relevant materials and obtaining the approval at the district government affairs service center, should log in to the Guangdong Government Affairs Service Network → Guangdong Province “Combined Processing for Multi-Certificate” Information Recordation System (http://bsxt.gdbs.gov.cn/apprUnionApply/#/index) to fill in the business establishment recordation information; the recordation is completed after the information is approved by the District Investment Promotion Bureau.

2. Online application: Applicants meeting the relevant conditions and choosing online combined processing should log in to the Guangzhou Electronic Industrial and Commercial Registration System (http://www.gzaic.gov.cn/gzaic/App/Index.html) for application. Fill in the “single form” for industrial and commercial registration and business recordation online; the registration and recordation are completed after approval by the competent departments of industry and commerce and foreign-capital enterprise recordation. 

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